Mobile Teeth Whitening for a Brilliant, Healthy Looking Smile

mobile teeth whitening

A safe, professional and hygienic way to achieve whiter teeth in the comfort of your home Your smile is the first thing people notice about you so if you’re not happy with the colour of your teeth, it can have a real impact on your self-esteem and confidence. Teeth can naturally turn yellower, darken and […]

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Common misconceptions about teeth whitening

Woman having laser teeth whitening

“Teeth whitening makes your teeth extremely sensitive” It is not uncommon for teeth whitening to cause slight sensitivity for a short period, this is due to the gels used. However, as we use <0.1% peroxide gels, this irritation is kept to a minimum and should pass quickly. If you already suffer with sensitive teeth, it […]

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Charcoal teeth whitening – Why you should avoid it

Man brushing teeth with charcoal teeth whitening products

The dream of a dazzling smile is one shared by many; causing teeth whitening to become a popular treatment worldwide. As popularity has grown, different solutions have become available for people looking to remove staining from their teeth. Knowing which of these are effective and safe is vitally important.  Recently, activated charcoal toothpaste is popping […]

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The legality of teeth whitening

Female lawyer explaining home teeth whitening legislation

There is often confusion surrounding the legality of teeth whitening as only dentists may give teeth whitening treatments as these are classified as ‘dentistry’. At Diamante, we offer a mobile, self-service teeth whitening process, with our 100% safe whitening products. We use a non-peroxide gel in a pre-filled syringe; this is a safe, legal and […]

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Protecting your new smile – A guide to aftercare

Woman brushing teeth

After our whitening specialist has left your home, you will likely be admiring your dazzling new smile in the mirror. It will be bright, bold and help you smile with confidence – you will want to keep it forever! So what can be done to look after your teeth to prevent them from becoming stained […]

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Why should you whiten your teeth?

Yellowed smile that needs teeth whitening

Teeth naturally yellow over time due to everyday consumption habits, but this can be accelerated by many things such as drinking red wine or smoking tobacco. For some people, this can be damaging to their confidence and they can feel like this affects their image. Teeth whitening has become increasingly popular in recent years as […]

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