Diamante’s Professional Teeth Whitening sessions are backed by our satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t achieve between 6-12 shades whiter, we’ll provide a second session free of charge to ensure your complete 100% satisfaction.

Non-peroxide cosmetic teeth whitening refers to a teeth whitening method and products that do not contain hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, which are the common bleaching agents found in traditional teeth whitening products used by dentists. Instead, non-peroxide whitening options typically use alternative ingredients to achieve a similar or better whitening effect without relying on peroxide-based chemicals.


These non-peroxide products, as supplied by Diamante, use ingredients like Carbomer, Potassium Citrate, Propylene Glycol and Hydroxyapatite, or other natural abrasives and surface-stain removers. They work by gently removing surface stains and discoloration, resulting in a brighter smile. Unlike peroxide-based whitening, non-peroxide options tend to focus on extrinsic (external) stains.


Non-peroxide cosmetic teeth whitening can come in various forms, such as toothpaste, mouthwashes, whitening pens, strips, and trays. They are often marketed as milder alternatives to peroxide-based options, potentially being more suitable for individuals with sensitive teeth or those who want to avoid peroxide for other reasons.


It’s important to note that while non-peroxide whitening methods are generally considered gentler, they are no less effective in achieving dramatic results, especially for extrinsic stains.

Diamante teeth whitening products use specially formulated teeth whitening gels  called Bluforsa, which have been developed by Naturawhite, the UK’s leading supplier of professional teeth whitening equipment and non-peroxide gels for more than 20 years.

The combination of 80W professional LED lamp, activation fluid, and specialist gels all combine to break down and lift away tooth discolouration to produce a brighter whiter smile.

Diamante teeth whitening non-peroxide products are 100% safe and proven over many years to provide great results. So much so that every Diamante session is backed by a guarantee.

Yes, you can whiten your teeth at home using over-the-counter products like whitening toothpaste, strips, gels, and trays. However, the Diamante professional teeth whitening product provides a more effective solution, with quicker results in just 1 hour.

Each appointment lasts for a maximum of an hour and a half in the comfort of your own home.

Yes you can!

Diamante teeth whitening products can restore crowns, caps, fillings or veneers to their original colour and will not cause any damage. Please note that the process will not whiten them more than their original colour.

When whitening your teeth,  time should be taken during the session to check the colour movement of your dental restorations in comparison to the surrounding teeth.

At Diamante our current offer provides unbeatable value at £119, discounted from £249. In addition every session comes with a free tube of Advanced Whitening Toothpaste worth £15 to help you maintain your new brighter smile for longer, and a guarantee of  6-12 shades lighter teeth, or a second session free of charge to ensure complete 100% satisfaction. Book two sessions and recieve an additional 10% off or an additional 15% off when booking three sessions.

The duration of teeth whitening results varies based on individual habits, diet and oral hygiene. At Diamante we see repeat bookings on average every 8-12 months.

Our current special offer provides a FREE tube of Advance Whitening Toothpaste worth £20 with every booking. The perfect way to maintain your new brighter smile.

At Diamante we do not provide teeth whitening for pregnant and breastfeeding individuals.  

No – Products provided by Diamante Teeth Whitening, have been specifically designed by Naturawhite to ensure those with or without  sensitive teeth, can whiten their teeth without discomfort.

This is why we only use Non-Peroxide teeth whitening gels as teeth whitening sensitivity is generally attributed to the use of hydrogen peroxide or other bleaching agents.

At Diamante we do not provide teeth whitening for anyone under the age of 18. 

How often you whiten your teeth is a personal choice, but Dentists typically recommend waiting at least 6 months between treatments.

At Diamante we provide a guarantee that you will achieve a minimum improvement of 6-12 shades lighter. If you do not, we will provide a second session free of charge to ensure your complete satisfaction.