The Teeth Whitening Process

Diamante’s Professional Teeth Whitening sessions can be booked from here at any time. Click the button, select the day and time you would like to whiten your teeth and your Diamante Teeth Whitening Ambassador will arrive with the equipment and everything you need for a brighter, whiter smile. 

You read all the information provided before beginning the process.
You compare the colour of your teeth against the colour guide and record the starting shade for reference.
You brush your teeth with the specially formulated toothpaste.
The gumshield is now removed from its wrapper
An even layer of teeth whitening gel is then added to the top and bottom of the gumshield between the marks, left and right. The gumshield is then placed down gently.
You now remove the finger wipe from its packet, and spray the activation fluid until the finger wipe is covered.
You scrub your teeth with the finger wipe to evenly distribute the activation fluid over your teeth. You take care to keep your mouth open so that the activation fluid is not wiped away by your lips.
You now insert the gumshield into your mouth, pushing the gumshield back against the teeth and moving gently to ensure the gel has covered your teeth.

Finally you put on the red protective goggles, bring the teeth whitening lamp so that t is 1 inch away from your teeth. The timer is then set to 15 or 20 minutes and then the light switched on.

At the end of the first cycle, steps 5-9 are repeated another two times to make a total of three.

The final step is to compare the colour of your teeth against the colour guide and record the new whiter shade of your teeth for reference.
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