Teeth Whitening In Dorset

Diamante Teeth Whitening is now able to offer home appointments in Dorset! We will bring our high-tech equipment and set it up right in your front room, transforming your teeth to create a beaming smile in just one hour. Our specially-formulated whitening gel and laser lights are supplied by the UK’s leading supplier of teeth whitening machines – Naturawhite, ensuring consistently stunning results. Together, they react and brighten your smile, helping you to smile with confidence.

Dorset is a true gem of the British Isles, featuring historic castles, gorgeous coastlines and majestic natural landmarks, we are proud to say we can work in this idillic landscape. There’s not much more that could improve Dorset… especially now that it has access to our fantastic, mobile teeth whitening service!

Teeth whitening in East Dorset map - diamante's coverage

At this point in time, we are unfortunately only able to visit East Dorset, please see the list below for all the venues we travel to. If you don’t see your town listed specifically, but know that you live nearby to these areas, call us today and we can try to arrange something for you. 

Other Counties Visited by Diamante