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Teeth Whitening in Bursledon

Diamante, high quality teeth whitening in Bursledon at an affordable price. Our state-of-the-art laser lights and specially formulated whitening products can be setup anywhere in Bursledon, the process couldn’t be more simple!

Book Your Teeth Whitening Appointment In Bursledon

One hour teeth whitening sessions are available now and we come to you! Follow the link below to check availability, special offers, and to schedule your appointment.


Our high-quality one hour appointments are now available to buy at a discount rate of just £99 (Normally £149), that’s a saving of £50! Our method is so efficient that in merely one hour, your teeth could easily be up to twelve shades whiter.


As mentioned previously , our latest teeth whitening offer means an appointment costs only £99, read on to see how this compares to our competition.


Have a look at the table listed below to find out how we match up against other local businesses.

LA Teeth Whitening

£199/home whitening

£229/in-clinic appointments

Mobile service that comes to your home

Instant Results

Flexible appointments inc. weekends & evenings

All major cards taken

Diamante Teeth Whitening

£99 / home visit whitening


Mobile service that comes to your home

Instant Results

Flexible appointments inc. weekends & evenings

All major cards taken

Non-Peroxide gels



Purchase a Groupon Coupon for an in-clinic appointment.

Currently only Appointments in Bournemouth advertised

All major cards taken

When you make a booking, we’ll ask for your address and favored date for your booking in Bursledon. Working alongside the UK’s number 1 teeth whitening supplier ensures that we are consistently using the best products, granting you the best results in less than one hour.

The procedure typically whitens teeth by 8 – 12 shades and could possibly brighten beyond this. Do you want to discover more about how teeth whitening works? Click Here

After your session, it’s very important to protect your teeth to maintain a bright white smile. For tips, tricks and everyday advice on keeping your teeth white, have a look at our blog post on aftercare.


You will place a transparent mouthpiece lined with whitening gel in your mouth. Following this, our laser technology is then directed at your smile. This reacts with the gel, causing your teeth to lighten over a period of 45-60 minutes.

"I made an appointment on Wednesday and they came to my front room on Thursday, faultless service. Thanks Diamante!"
Heather Wilkinson
"Diamante are fantastic, my teeth went six shades whiter! Zenia made the process very easy, she's a credit to the company."
Mohammed el-Zaidi

Before & After...

Still doubtful? Have a look at the images below to see just how effective teeth whitening can be in just one appointment.

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